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Shenzhen Daxian Pantai Communication Co.,Ltd established in 2013, is the subsidiary company of Dalian Daxian group company. 
The main products are smart electronic products,including translator,bracelet and Maternal and infant products.  
With  production,research and development ,sales and service  as one of the new high-tech enterprises, Daxian will continue to develop new high techology products.
The office located in Che Kung Temple of Futianand factory is in Fuyong of Baoan. 
Now it has it‘s own brand of "DAXIAN". With the R&D team, Daxian could supply both OEM and ODM. The products have sold to Europe, USA,Thailand ,Japan and more than 100 countries.
The future, we will continue to focus on the development of global smart consumer electronics products, global consumer electronics to cope with the ever-changing challenges.
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